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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Are you looking to enrich the experience with your new partner? Pre-marital Counseling is brief and informative. Using a Prepare/Enrich assessment, a couple will be able to identify areas of growth and challenge to be better prepared for marriage. These sessions are conducted by a couple of our therapist to include Heather Stevenson LCSW, Daniel Stubs LMHCA or Christy Baugh LMHCA.

Marriage Therapy or Couples Therapy is brief, solution focused and specific with attainable therapeutic goals to help couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.

Marriage Enrichment is for those who feel like they have a “good” marriage but feel like they want more. If you want a SIGNIFICANT marriage, marriage enrichment counseling is brief, solution focused and helps couples communicate more and have greater intimacy and connection.

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